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  • On Their Best Behaviour

    We all enjoy that little indulgence now and then; the piece of chocolate after a hard day at work, that slice of cake with friends, and sometimes even that box of popcorn at the movies! Well, our fur babies like a reward now and then too, and the greatest pleasure is often seeing their anticipation. Continue reading

  • Time for Some Bubbles

    Who remembers how much joy they used to have as a child blowing bubbles and playing with them? It was always a challenge to see how big you could make them, and these animals certainly seem to be getting the same enjoyment out of bubbles as we once did…the simple things are often all you need… Continue reading

  • Generic Cuteness

    So I thought after the previous post it might be nice to just enjoy some generic cuteness…and nothing does that like a bunch of adorably small and irresistably cuddly little critters. Take some time out to just relax and enjoy these pics, and have some genuine “awwww” moments… Continue reading

  • All You Need is Love

    It’s easy to sometimes take our pets for granted and forget just how amazing they are for us. They bring us laughter and joy, make us happy when we’re feeling sad, and are that welcome presence after a hard day at work. Hard as these pictures of neglected animals are to look at, we need to always remember how special all life is, and what we are all capable of doing for each other… Continue reading

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