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  • Frolicking Amongst the Flora pt 1

    Witnessing an entire field of nature’s floral splendour in all its glory is something very beautiful indeed! Having been lucky enough to see the magnificent South African fynbos in full bloom on multiple occasions, these animals in their blossoming settings couldn’t be any more blessed. Continue reading

  • Schrödinger’s Kitties

    Why do cats love boxes so much? Thankfully a study conducted by behavioural specialists and veterinarians can shed a little light on this enigma. Apparently the cats view the box as a source of comfort and it can help with their stress levels…so if you want a happy kitty be sure to scatter those empty boxes freely! Continue reading

  • The Fluff Factor

    Having a cat with a thick coat I can tell you what a pain in the butt all that fur is! Still, there is something utterly divine about fluffy critters, and if you haven’t experienced it, there is nothing quite like burying your face in a super soft mound of gloriously furry goodness and inhaling deeply! Continue reading

  • Winter Wonderland pt 2

    The whiteness of winter and the purity of snow is a truly beautiful thing to behold. The stunning creatures that live in this habitat tend to follow suit and are just as gorgeous themselves. Snow can also be playful and fun, so let the snowball fighting and snow angels begin! Continue reading

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