April 2016

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    Pretty in Pink

    According to surveys that have been conducted, Pink is the colour most commonly associated with romance, femininity, charm, politeness, tenderness, sweetness, softness, and childhood.  Pink is one of the most commonly flowers, serving to attract insects & birds for pollination, and perhaps also deter predators.  If nothing else, these stunning pink animals are most certainly […]

  • The Runner Ducks of Vergenoegd Winery

    The Vergenoegd Wine Estate in Stellebosch, Cape Town, employs a unique way of controlling the snails and other pests on their vines.  The farm’s workforce of 700-800 Runner Ducks is released twice a day to enjoy this feast, and the farm has been utilising this practice since 1984. It’s a true example of a symbiotic […]

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    Bottoms Up!

    Not everyone is comfortable with their backside, and we certainly aren’t all as proud of ours as certain celebrities!  Ranging from soft and fluffy to rough and tough, these animals show us just how cute a backside can be!

  • Strange Sleeping Habits – Part 1

    No-one ever said we all had to sleep in the same way, but some of these sleeping positions look downright painful!  Sleeping in weird positions is nothing new in itself, with some of the most bizarre positions being oddly comfortable (for some anyhow!).

  • Skilled Excavator Operator Rescues Baby Deer From Mud

    After an intruder alarm was triggered on the property where he works, Bill Davis discovered the trespassers were actually two baby deer who had become hopelessly trapped in the mud.  Bill and a colleague mounted a successful rescue using a huge excavator. Watch the delicate operation below!

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    Fluffy Chickens

    The chicken is the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex!  Despite this alarming fact, mother chickens (hens) have been known to show empathy to their chicks. They have amazing memories, can see in colour, and are great beauty sleepers, experiencing REM sleep, which means they have dreams, just like us!

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    Masters of Camouflage

    No, you’re not going blind! These “Masters of Camouflage” will have you squinting at the screen and thinking you need glasses. Keep looking and eventually you’ll spot them!!

  • Stunningly Coloured Frogs

    We all come in different shapes and sizes, but not all of us come in such stunning colours and patterns! Behold the incredible beauty offered by the world of Frogs (and one Bullfrog).

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    Enjoying a Cool Treat

    What’s better on a hot day than a nice cool treat?  These animals certainly know what’s best for them and are enjoying their icy delicacies without a second glance at the temperature dial.