October 2017

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  • No Tricks, Just Treats!

    Today I thought it only appropriate that these pets get to join in the Halloween festivities…and they’ve all been bedecked in pumpkin hats! If you’re celebrating this evening, don’t forget to take your pets along with you; they enjoy a bit of dress-ups now and then too.

  • Suiting Up pt 1

    Dressing up every now and then can be a great pleasure, and the epitome of style for a gent is donning the black and white suit that is the tuxedo. Originating around 1885, this super sharp-looking suit affords the wearer some serious style, and it’s no different when worn by these cuties.

  • Pooch Perfection

    Alicja Zmylowska is a 21 year old dog lover and photographer from Poland. Alicja has two of her own dogs, Kiara and Ciri, and has been photographing for 10yrs. What Alicja loves most is that the opportunity of what she does allows her to link her two favourite passions, dogs and photography.

  • Balls of Fluff

    The Chinchilla is known for having the softest and most luxurious fur of all the land mammals, with 50-80 hairs growing out of each individual follicle! Being a chinchilla owner and getting to cuddle one of these adorable fluffballs must certainly be an experience to envy!

  • Babes in Africa

    Having spent the earlier years of my life growing up in South Africa I know first-hand what a special and remarkable place it is, particularly its animals. I have also had the privilege of experiencing a few safaris, and whilst I saw incredible wildlife, I did not have the pleasure of witnessing babes like these.

  • That Sinking Feeling

    For some people having a bath is part of their daily routine, and for others, it is a luxurious treat complete with bubbles, candles, and a glass of their favourite wine. For these animals, they appear to like something a little more on the “snug” side, but are evidently loving it nonetheless.

  • Just a Bit Damp

    No-one likes to get caught in a downpour when we weren’t planning on getting wet. Your clothes stick to you and you undoubtedly start to shiver…it’s only a good thing if you’re in a monsoon climate! These poor animals have all got caught and look none too please about it either.

  • Stuffing Your Face

    So there’s a very good chance that I stand alone in this next opinion, but there’s something about a tiny little hamster stuffing it’s chubby little face full of food that I find really adorable and really cute. Here’s hoping there’s a few of you out there that share this notion and can also enjoy […]

  • Squirreled Away

    We’ve all heard about those shows on TV about hoarders; people who display the behaviour or disability to acquire excessive amounts of objects which they are either unwilling or unable to discard. It would seem it is not just a human trait with these critters possessing the same trait.