December 2017

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  • Couch Concealment pt 1

    I’m sure all of us that own pets have experienced that moment of panic when we’ve been unable to locate them and have raced around the house looking in all their “usual” hiding spots?! Well all these pets share an affinity for the couch, and although several may not be pros, they’re trying nonetheless.

  • Just.So.Sleepy…

    There are moments when you’re so incredibly tired that you can literally find yourself dozing off whilst in the middle of doing something, and I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of waking up on the couch! Animals are no different, and these poor little fellas are all literally, “dog tired”.

  • Blindingly Bad Choices

    Every now and then one finds oneself in an awkward or unpleasant situation, and one always hopes that there is no-one there to document it…in these cases, someone was. Choosing to play with a blind may have seemed like fun at the start, but they’re notoriously good at trapping curious pets…

  • Snowy Splendour

    The Snowy Owl is a stunningly ghost-like raptor which spends the majority of it’s time in the Arctic tundra.  They are patient hunters, doing so mainly in the daytime, and their prey of choice is the lemming. 

  • A Collection of Cuteness

    Baby animals are unbelievably cute, so when they appear in groups, well you’ve no chance of resisting them whatsoever! Multiplying the love factor by having more than one adorable baby in each pic, please enjoy the following and allow your heart to by stolen away!