Category: Cute & Cuddly

  • Where Can I Get a Drink Around Here?

    It’s been a long day and you’re dying of thirst, I think you deserve that well-earned drink. Whether your choice is water, juice, an icy beer, or a crisp chardonnay, when you need a drink there’s nothing quite like quenching that drought…and as you can see from these pics, we’re not the only ones that […]

  • Is It Bedtime Yet?

    It’s late at night, your soft, cosy bed is calling you, and you’ve got a massive case of “the yawns”. I think it’s time to visit the ‘land of nod’…but before you go ask yourself, “is it true that yawning is contagious”? You be the judge, but see if you can get through these pics […]

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  • Spectacular Specs

    We all know the story about the sexy librarian, but what is it about glasses that gives them this innate power? They’re really an amazing tool…helping people to see who would otherwise be pretty much blind and yet also having the potential to be one’s fantasy! Here’s to the humble spectacle!

  • Got Me Some New Teef

    As we get older, there comes a time in some of our lives where we have to face the inevitable. Despite the wisdom that comes with age, there can be also be drawbacks, and one of those just happens to be the loss of teeth…whereby bringing us today’s topic of…dentures!

  • Latest Discoveries 2017

    Nature has a wonderful habit of constantly changing and evolving. Every year scientists stumble upon several new, incredible discoveries and thankfully bestow them upon the rest of the world. Throughout 2017 about 18,000 new species were discovered, and these are the top ten.

  • “My Aching Head…”

    Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve all probably been in the same situation as the following furballs at least once in our lives. That’s right, the morning after that fantastic evening where we forgot about the consequences and had an amazing time…but boy oh boy, do those actions have a downside…

  • Yoga Aficionados

    What can I say, there’s nothing quite like a really great stretch! Whether you’ve been asleep and are just waking up, have been stationary for too long and need to get the creaks out of your bones, or whether you’re taking part in Yoga, these cuties all seem in agreement on the fabulous feeling it […]

  • ’twas the Night Before Christmas…

    “…and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” Or so the famous poem goes, but in this situation these gorgeous pets are eagerly awaiting the time when they can open their presents…and more than likely get some delicious Christmas leftovers! If you celebrate, please be sure to enjoy a […]

  • Kiss Me You Fool pt 2

    It’s a component of human nature that people are known to show affection and emotion by hugging, kissing, and making love…but what do animals do? Many animals will rub their noses together or entwine their bodies, but several are know to actually “kiss”, just like these beautiful examples.