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    Nature’s Umbrellas

    Getting wet is something that we really choose to do, so when we’re not keen on the idea, having the option to avoid it is something that we’d definitely go for.  These ingenious critters have managed to find ways of staying out of the rain by utilising the amazing array of natural umbrellas.

  • Brilliantly Colored Birds

    When brilliant colors were being handed out, these birds must have been at the top of the list!  With some of the most incredible hues you have ever seen, these glorious feathered friends are sure to stun and amaze!

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    Pretty in Pink

    According to surveys that have been conducted, Pink is the colour most commonly associated with romance, femininity, charm, politeness, tenderness, sweetness, softness, and childhood.  Pink is one of the most commonly flowers, serving to attract insects & birds for pollination, and perhaps also deter predators.  If nothing else, these stunning pink animals are most certainly […]

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    Masters of Camouflage

    No, you’re not going blind! These “Masters of Camouflage” will have you squinting at the screen and thinking you need glasses. Keep looking and eventually you’ll spot them!!

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    Stunningly Coloured Frogs

    We all come in different shapes and sizes, but not all of us come in such stunning colours and patterns! Behold the incredible beauty offered by the world of Frogs (and one Bullfrog).

  • Nature’s Incredible Creations

    Creativity can strike at any time, and the paintbrush (and perhaps liquor bottle) was certainly out when these beauties were created!  Proving yet again that differences make us special and beautiful, take a moment to revel in Nature’s Incredible Creations.

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    Beautiful Creatures of the Deep

    The ocean and it’s depths are still a vastly unknown and unexplored realm, with less that 5% having been explored to date.  With the ocean covering 70% of the Earth’s surface that leaves a lot of discoveries yet to be made, and a lot of creatures yet to be found.   Here are just some […]

  • Casper the Friendly Octopod?

      Photo credit: The creature has already been nicknamed “Casper.” NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Hohonu Moana. While collecting geological samples from the seafloor, one of the NOAA’s remotely-operated submarines stumbled across a mysterious “ghostlike” octopod.

  • Diving Dogs

    Seth Casteel is an American photographer, known primarily for his amazing photos of Underwater Dogs. Seth presently lives in California and is an avid animal lover who, in 2007, began volunteering to photograph homeless pets to help them find loving homes.  He is completely self-taught and after a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel inspired him on […]