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  • Cats in Fur Hats

    Ryo Yamazaki is a cat-mad photographer from Tokyo, Japan, who has become an Instagram hit from making his beloved scottish-fold kitties hats from their own fur! After brushing, he collects their fur and sets to work on some of the most incredible hats you could ever imagine. Continue reading

  • Baby Rhinoceroseseses

    When one thinks of Rhinos, one wouldn’t necessarily think of something that is supercute and smile-inducing…but after looking at these rambunctious little baby rhinos, you’ll never think about them the same way again! Continue reading

  • I’m Melting!

    Don’t you just hate the hot weather? That searing heat that you can’t escape that makes you sticky, sweaty, and just downright uncomfortable? You can even feel like you’re close to melting if it get’s really bad! Some relish the heat, but these poor critters certainly don’t appear to share that opinion. Continue reading

  • Pugalicious pt 2

    The pug. That smushy little face. That snuffling and snoring that can make you want to kill them at 3am!….but don’t you just love them like crazy?! Whether you own a pug or not, they have certainly taken the world by storm the last few years, and you truly can’t deny they’re pretty darn adorable! Continue reading

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