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  • Let Them Eat Cake… pt 1

    Who doesn’t like cake? With so many flavours and options out there, it’s hard to imagine one not being able to find their favourite vice in one form or another. Whilst it mightn’t specifically be a birthday cake you’re enjoying, be sure to savour life’s every moment and celebrate whenever you can. Continue reading

  • Aptly Maned

    The lion is known as “the King of the Jungle”, and with a moniker like that, it’s no surprise others would be keen on adopting its handsome good looks. The lion’s mane is the characteristic that gives it it’s extraordinary presence, and these adorable pets are doing their very best to look just as impressive. Continue reading

  • Camo Critters

    Those of us with pets are sure to have all experienced a time when we have not been able to find them. They’re not sleeping in their “usual spot” and you’re sure you’ve checked everywhere, only to have them appear out of thin air. These critters take hiding in plain sight to a whole new level! Continue reading

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