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  • Hold Still pt 1

    During the 1800’s Finishing school was widely attended by women looking to improve their manners and social graces…and the image of ladies balancing books on their heads became synonymous with it. These days attending such a school is rare, but I have a feeling these critters would pass with flying colours! Continue reading

  • Flying Dogs

    Inspired by her Frisbee-loving pup, photographer Julia Christe embarked on photographing the athleticism and freedom of dogs leaping in mid-air. Digitally publishing some of these images of airborne canines quickly went viral, being featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post, and on the Today show. Continue reading

  • Being Jerks

    We all have those days when we’re just not up to interacting with those around us…unfortunately sometimes you can’t avoid it and you may lose your ‘cool’. Having “one of those days”, these animals are taking out their frustrations on innocent bystanders…I’m hoping they apologised later! Continue reading

  • It’s a Balancing Act

    Maintaining one’s balance requires skill and co-ordination, something which these animals are certainly not lacking. From teetering on mountain-sides, to balancing on one limb, to stretching across a void, these amazing animals are certainly showing us how it’s done! Continue reading

  • Nature’s Paintbrush pt 2

    Some myths say that markings and birthmarks come about from the mother seeing or experiencing something strange. Whether that is true or not will remain unknown, but the resultant effect for these beauties is very something very special indeed. Continue reading

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