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  • Babes in Africa

    Having spent the earlier years of my life growing up in South Africa I know first-hand what a special and remarkable place it is, particularly its animals. I have also had the privilege of experiencing a few safaris, and whilst I saw incredible wildlife, I did not have the pleasure of witnessing babes like these. Continue reading

  • That Sinking Feeling

    For some people having a bath is part of their daily routine, and for others, it is a luxurious treat complete with bubbles, candles, and a glass of their favourite wine. For these animals, they appear to like something a little more on the “snug” side, but are evidently loving it nonetheless. Continue reading

  • Just a Bit Damp

    No-one likes to get caught in a downpour when we weren’t planning on getting wet. Your clothes stick to you and you undoubtedly start to shiver…it’s only a good thing if you’re in a monsoon climate! These poor animals have all got caught and look none too please about it either. Continue reading

  • Stuffing Your Face

    So there’s a very good chance that I stand alone in this next opinion, but there’s something about a tiny little hamster stuffing it’s chubby little face full of food that I find really adorable and really cute. Here’s hoping there’s a few of you out there that share this notion and can also enjoy these pics! Continue reading

  • Squirreled Away

    We’ve all heard about those shows on TV about hoarders; people who display the behaviour or disability to acquire excessive amounts of objects which they are either unwilling or unable to discard. It would seem it is not just a human trait with these critters possessing the same trait. Continue reading

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