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  • Unbe-leaf-ably Cute pt 1

    Autumn, that wonderful time of year when the weather gets a little crisp and the trees turn those glorious hues of red and gold. They also drop a lot of leaves, and those leaves make a wonderful place to play – these cuties are all taking full advantage of the crunchy fun!

  • At Your Service

    Hand up if you like puppies. Now hand up if you think uniforms can look really good. So what if the two were combined and you got to look at super-adorable puppies in uniform? Well, sit back and enjoy these gorgeous pups that I don’t think you’d mind getting arrested by.

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  • Avid Arborists

    Playing fetch could well be a dog’s favourite activity in life. Whether it be a ball, a stick, your socks(!), they’re game for anything as long as their beloved master is doing the bidding. Some of these adorable pups seems to have gotten a little carried away with their stick of choice though!

  • On Their Best Behaviour

    We all enjoy that little indulgence now and then; the piece of chocolate after a hard day at work, that slice of cake with friends, and sometimes even that box of popcorn at the movies! Well, our fur babies like a reward now and then too, and the greatest pleasure is often seeing their anticipation.

  • Dropping Albums

    The music world is a ruthless business, and having a good cover design for your latest release can make or break your sales. These moguls are certainly doing their best to grab your attention and get in the spotlight, so here’s hoping the album launch was a resounding success…

  • Sadness

    Being sad or depressed is terrible and when our pets are feeling so inclined, and we have no way of determining why, well that seriously tugs at the heartstrings. These poor little ones are all having bad days, but let’s hope it didn’t last long and they got the cuddle-time they deserved!

  • Puppy Love

    It’s no secret that people love dogs, and what’s more gorgeous to a cynophile than a dog and their puppy/puppies! The maternal bond that exists between mother and “child” is associated with pregnancy and childbirth, and these hounds make it easy to see how that continues through life.

  • Flopsy, Mopsy…and a Cottontail or two

    Let’s be honest, animals with floppy ears are darn cute! Have you ever noticed though that no wild animals have floppy ears? This is due to a fascinating phenomenon called “domestication syndrome”. Essentially it’s a deformity which has occurred over time; regardless, I wouldn’t take them any other way!

  • Dogs Catching Treats

    These wonderful images are the work of Christian Vieler, a photographer from Waltrop Germany. Christian began his journey back in 2012 when the journalist purchased a new camera. Christian’s belief is that “dogs faces have magnificent lineaments, telling us stories of panic, desire and joy.”