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  • Pooch Perfection

    Alicja Zmylowska is a 21 year old dog lover and photographer from Poland. Alicja has two of her own dogs, Kiara and Ciri, and has been photographing for 10yrs. What Alicja loves most is that the opportunity of what she does allows her to link her two favourite passions, dogs and photography.

  • Things Are Getting A Little Weird…

    Let’s be honest, we all like to “wig out” and act a little bit the fool sometimes, but what do we do when our pets go crazy? Have they truly “lost the plot”, or are they just having some fun like us? Whatever the case, it certainly makes for some interesting pictures, and is sure […]

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  • Swingers…

    Swings, slides, seesaws, merry-go-rounds…it brings back memories. Some of you would even have the pleasure of introducing your own offspring to the joys of a playground. The owners of these pets have taken it that one step further, and their “fur babies” don’t seem to mind in the slightest!

  • Pass the Spoon?

    Ok, so ‘Spooning’ has nothing to do with using utensils, but rather has everything to do with some of the best cuddles you’ll ever have. It’s incredibly comforting having your loved one snuggle up to you from behind and embrace you with their whole body, and these animals are certainly in agreement.

  • The Outline is Clear

    There’s something about seeing animals in silhouette that is truly beautiful. The stark contrast between light and dark outlines their figures and highlights the shape of their body, showing us in absolute clarity just how magnificent Mother Nature’s creations are.

  • Vertically Challenged

    Not many people aren’t concerned about their weight and possibly being a little on the pudgy side… These cute critters are definitely carrying a few extra “rolls” here and there and would probably benefit from a bit more exercise, and a little less eating! Nonetheless, they’re all still adorable!

  • Flopsy, Mopsy…and a Cottontail or two

    Let’s be honest, animals with floppy ears are darn cute! Have you ever noticed though that no wild animals have floppy ears? This is due to a fascinating phenomenon called “domestication syndrome”. Essentially it’s a deformity which has occurred over time; regardless, I wouldn’t take them any other way!

  • Perplexion Plus

    “Did I not hear them correctly?” “Why on earth are they doing that?” “I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” I’m sure we’ve all said or thought at least one of these things (if not all of them) at some stage of our lives. Confusion is something we all experience, and these poor animals have got […]


    FUZZIGGLES are the fun, funky, furry creation of Kellie from Salem, Oregon, USA. Kellie has loved stuffed animals from an early age, and shortly after leaving college one day, whilst sorting through her fabrics, happened upon a scrap of faux fur. She mocked up a pattern for a guinea pig and a bunny, and started […]