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  • Sorry, My Bad!

    Most people hate making someone else angry. Being in someone else’s “bad books” is never fun, and when you catch them glaring at you, well that’s the worst! Now imagine making your pet angry with no way to even find out what you did! Let’s just try and stay in their “good graces” shall we?

  • Shock! Horror!

    Being emotionally ‘shocked’ is defined by the Macmillan Dictionary as “very surprised and upset by something bad that happens unexpectedly“. Here’s hoping that these cute critters all recovered swiftly from their experiences and weren’t left with too many emotional scars!

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  • Hide ‘n’ Seek Failures

    Who can’t remember playing “Hide and Seek” as a youngster? Playing games is something that brings us together, strengthens bonds, and keeps us healthy.  Unfortunately, although these animals are trying their very best, they are all failing miserably when it comes to the art of hiding!

  • Time For the Dentist?

    No ones likes to visit the Dentist, and these animals are obviously no exception!  Exhibiting some extraordinary underbites, they remain undoubtedly cute nonetheless!

  • Who Let You Near the Scissors?!

    We’ve all experienced that dreadful moment when we get home from the hairdresser’s, look in the mirror, and can’t believe the hairstyle we’ve walked out with!  What sorcery it is that makes us look fantastic in their mirrors but not our own?!  Regardless, these poor critters are sure to visit a different salon in the […]