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  • Going to the Vet

    How much do you hate going to the Doctor or Dentist? Now imagine that someone else is actually taking you against your will! Well, that’s what it’s like for our beloved ‘fur babies’. The following are some amusing pictures of some seriously unimpressed pets…give them a treat when they get home!

  • Looking a Little Loopy

    Those of us who have the pleasure of owning a cat (or cats) know that they can sometimes flip a switch and transform into “crazy mode”!  Zooming around the house, attacking one’s tail, or just going nuts with toys, their antics are guaranteed to always produce a smile or chuckle!

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  • Squeaky Clean

    For some, there’s nothing quite like a gloriously long soak in a hot, sudsy bath…and it would appear these animals are in agreement.  The bathing apparatus could be anything from a tiny basin only just big enough to accommodate, or it could be as vast as the ocean (it could even be a muddy pit!), […]