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  • Chill Out! pt 1

    When it comes to truly relaxing and splaying out, there are few that do it better than animals. For some reason they can be in the most uncomfortable-looking positions and still be completely and utterly chilled out. The following critters certainly set a good example for many of us to follow.

  • Going Batty

    Who knew that bats could be so darn cute? Bats have always been depicted as nasty, blood-sucking ghouls, but these guys certainly portray otherwise. Be they sucking on a dummy or bottle, or swaddled in a towel, to me they look like little angels!

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  • Sometimes Fur Isn’t Enough

    Our beloved feline companions may be covered in fur, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t get chilly, or that they sometimes like that extra little bit of comfort that being warm and toasty provides. These gorgeous kitties have all found themselves a means of getting just that little bit more cosy.

  • It’s A Wrap!

    Wrapping oneself up in a nice, cosy blanket when it’s cold outside, or when we’re just feeling like a snuggle, well, there’s few things better. We also all know how good things like burritos taste, and I’m sure if these cuties were edible they’d be just as tasty!

  • Warm Me Up

    When you’re feeling cold all you want to do is find a toasty warm spot or something that will warm you up fast. A warm bath, some time in the sun, or a nice hot drink are all good ways to make yourself feel better, and these animals have found some other means of getting […]

  • Hide ‘n’ Seek Failures

    Who can’t remember playing “Hide and Seek” as a youngster? Playing games is something that brings us together, strengthens bonds, and keeps us healthy.  Unfortunately, although these animals are trying their very best, they are all failing miserably when it comes to the art of hiding!