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  • Winter Wonderland pt 2

    The whiteness of winter and the purity of snow is a truly beautiful thing to behold. The stunning creatures that live in this habitat tend to follow suit and are just as gorgeous themselves. Snow can also be playful and fun, so let the snowball fighting and snow angels begin!

  • All Aglow

    Bioluminescence is a truly incredible wonder of the natural world, and it is estimated that 90% of deep-sea creatures possess this characteristic. The purpose is believed to be camouflage, attracting mates, or scaring off predators. I’m just happy to look at them and marvel at their beauty.

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  • Nocturnal Night Birds

    Say “hello” to the Tawny Frogmouth. This incredibly cute bird is closely related to Nightjars and is found throughout Australia, including Tasmania. Being nocturnal, the Frogmouth is active at night and spends the day perched in trees, often camouflaging itself to closely resemble a branch.

  • Winter Wonders

    Nature never ceases to surprise and amaze me, and the fact that some animals can change their coat colouring with the seasons is quite a remarkable feat.  These special creatures are part of a select group which maintains a different coat in Summer and Winter.

  • Mesmerising Moths

    We all know how stunning butterflies can be, but I bet you never realised just how incredible their relation the moth can be? Despite the fact their glamorous cousin gets a lot more attention, there are actually 9 times more species of moths than butterflies.  Moths can vary greatly in size, with the Atlas moth […]

  • Underwater Dancers

    The incredible grace and beauty of a Penguin underwater is an unbelievable sight to witness.  They glide effortlessly through the water and the flight they miss out on in the air is most certainly achieved below in the blue depths of the ocean.  A penguin’s tuxedo-like outfit can sometimes give them a comical appearance, but […]

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    Masters of Camouflage

    No, you’re not going blind! These “Masters of Camouflage” will have you squinting at the screen and thinking you need glasses. Keep looking and eventually you’ll spot them!!