Tag: colorful

  • Unbe-leaf-ably Cute pt 1

    Autumn, that wonderful time of year when the weather gets a little crisp and the trees turn those glorious hues of red and gold. They also drop a lot of leaves, and those leaves make a wonderful place to play – these cuties are all taking full advantage of the crunchy fun!

  • Nature’s Bright Palette

    We’ve all marvelled at the incredible diversity and beauty that surrounds us in nature, but every now and then the “Mother” creates something to truly astound and amaze us. The brightness and stunning palette of these animals should be a reminder of how privileged we are to live in such an amazing world!

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  • Stunningly Coloured Frogs

    We all come in different shapes and sizes, but not all of us come in such stunning colours and patterns! Behold the incredible beauty offered by the world of Frogs (and one Bullfrog).