Tag: comfort

  • Sometimes Fur Isn’t Enough

    Our beloved feline companions may be covered in fur, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t get chilly, or that they sometimes like that extra little bit of comfort that being warm and toasty provides. These gorgeous kitties have all found themselves a means of getting just that little bit more cosy.

  • Schrödinger’s Kitties

    Why do cats love boxes so much? Thankfully a study conducted by behavioural specialists and veterinarians can shed a little light on this enigma. Apparently the cats view the box as a source of comfort and it can help with their stress levels…so if you want a happy kitty be sure to scatter those empty […]

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  • If I Fits I Sits

    We all know cats are some of the most stubborn animals around, but when it comes to comfort you’d think they would be sensible. That does not appear to be the case with these cuties as they cram and wedge themselves into the most peculiar positions and places.

  • Got Your Tail!

    It’s no secret that many animals love to play, and this menagerie has all taken to grabbing a tail.  Sometimes tails can also be a source of security or comfort.  Whether it’s their playmate’s, an adult’s, or even their own, they certainly seem to be having some fun!

  • Everyone Needs a Cuddle-buddy

    Sometimes we all feel a little sensitive or vulnerable, and the best thing can often be to curl up with your favourite cuddle-buddy!  These cuties know that they’ve always got someone to turn to and enjoy some quality cuddling whenever the need arises.