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  • I Wasn’t Doing Anything!

    Many of our pets have enjoy being devious and getting up to all sorts of mischief when we aren’t around. Destroying furniture, eating things they shouldn’t, and just generally causing mayhem. Whatever the issue, it’s usually harmless and often provides a good laugh more than anything else.

  • Bambi?

    Bambi is one of those films I am sure most of us saw as a child, and the star of the movie was a baby deer. Deer are present on all continents except Antarctica, and all male deer have antlers, aside from the Chinese water deer which has long canine teeth that can be as […]

  • Paws In the Cookie Jar

    We’ve all tried the sneaky pinch of something when we were sure no-one was looking, and we’ve all been caught in the act of doing so too! The following kitties all thought they would try and get away with stealing your food without you noticing, thankfully for us they failed.

  • Stealth Ninjas

    Cats have garnered themselves a reputation for being super stealthy, and in my opinion it is well warranted. They have the ability to sneak up on you without a sound, and can often be found hiding in the most obscure locations. Herewith some stealth ninjas in their natural environment!

  • Avid Arborists

    Playing fetch could well be a dog’s favourite activity in life. Whether it be a ball, a stick, your socks(!), they’re game for anything as long as their beloved master is doing the bidding. Some of these adorable pups seems to have gotten a little carried away with their stick of choice though!

  • Are You Sure About That?

    Elke Vogelslang (@wieselblitz) is a pet and people photographer based in Germany, and is crazy about dogs! Elke’s dog portraits explore the different expressions and characters of dogs, their emotions and personality. Sometimes in that split second it would appear the “Dogs questioning the photographer’s sanity“.

  • On Their Best Behaviour

    We all enjoy that little indulgence now and then; the piece of chocolate after a hard day at work, that slice of cake with friends, and sometimes even that box of popcorn at the movies! Well, our fur babies like a reward now and then too, and the greatest pleasure is often seeing their anticipation.

  • Generic Cuteness

    So I thought after the previous post it might be nice to just enjoy some generic cuteness…and nothing does that like a bunch of adorably small and irresistably cuddly little critters. Take some time out to just relax and enjoy these pics, and have some genuine “awwww” moments…

  • A Bird in the Hand (& a cat, & a chick, etc..)

    The adage “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” means that it’s better to have something tangible you are sure of than having more of something that you are unsure of.  I’m sure when it comes to the following cuties, we’d all be happy to accept any quantity on offer!

  • Toilet Humour

    What is it about toilet paper that is so enticing to our fur babies? They seem to get into the stuff at any opportunity they can, and just love to leave a trail of it lying around for us to deal with. Just as well we are able to purchase the stuff in such bulk […]