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  • Markedly Different

    Blemishes, birthmarks, scars, and freckles, they’re just some of the distinguishing characteristics that make us different from each other. Whether you love or loathe your unusual quirks and “markings”, just remember that they make you who you are and that makes you special, and ultimately, unique.

  • Puffins!

    There are four different types of these gorgeous little birds, the Rhinoceros Auklet, the Tufted, the Horned, and the Atlantic Puffin, which is the most widely recognised. Puffins have been known to mate for life, and I know for sure that I’d never leave one of these divine “clowns of the sea” if I had […]

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  • Unusual Animal Babies

    They may be unusual and somewhat strange looking, but that doesn’t make these animal babies any less cute!  From being hairless, to quills, scales, and fur, they’re all still incredibly squee and cuddle-worthy! Living proof that being different (and a little peculiar) is a glorious thing!

  • Nature’s Incredible Creations

    Creativity can strike at any time, and the paintbrush (and perhaps liquor bottle) was certainly out when these beauties were created!  Proving yet again that differences make us special and beautiful, take a moment to revel in Nature’s Incredible Creations.