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  • Marmosets & Tamarins pt 1

    How utterly divine are these little fluffballs? Marmosets and Tamarins are both New World Monkeys, a group of 5 families of small to mid-sized primates. Tamarins range in size from 13-30cm, and most Marmosets are around 20cm. They differ in that Tamarins primarily have lower canine teeth that are clearly longer than their incisors. So […]

  • Nudibranchs

    Ever heard of a Nudibranch? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be alone if you said “No”. Part of the sea slug family, these soft-bodied molluscs come in the most unbelievable shapes, colours and patterns of anything on the planet. With more than 3000 species, sit back and enjoy the rainbow!

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  • Merry Christmas!

    To all those celebrating I wish you a very Merry Christmas to you, your pets, family, and friends! Stay safe and enjoy this special time together.

  • Kitties @ Khristmas

    Christmas is a wonderful time of year where families & friends (& pets) get together and share in good food, presents, and hopefully lots of joy & laughter! Here’s hoping you experience all those things and take the time to be thankful! Be safe ♥

  • Fido Families

    Being a parent is a tough job, and that certainly doesn’t just apply to humans! These canines are showing us just what fantastic parents they can be, and just how in love they are with their offspring…how could you not be?!

  • Gimo

    This is Gimo, the adorable cat with possibly the biggest eyes you have ever seen.  Gimo lives with his family in South Korea and is a scottish fold. Despite the fact that Gimo has thousands of Instagram followers, he is just your average cat…although may well be part-owl!