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  • The Fluff Factor

    Having a cat with a thick coat I can tell you what a pain in the butt all that fur is! Still, there is something utterly divine about fluffy critters, and if you haven’t experienced it, there is nothing quite like burying your face in a super soft mound of gloriously furry goodness and inhaling […]

  • All Aflutter

    Butterflies are stunning creatures, coming in more than 18000 species. They are found throughout the world, bar Antarctica, and are admired for their range of stunning colours and wing patterns. One would hope they keep their feet clean, as this is where they have their taste receptors!

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  • Animal Olympics

    The Rio 2016 Olympics have come and gone, but these critters missed out on displaying their amazing gymnastic skills.  Stretching, contorting, hanging, and balancing, they’ve got it all perfected and are showing their prowess just for you!

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    Fluffy Chickens

    The chicken is the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex!  Despite this alarming fact, mother chickens (hens) have been known to show empathy to their chicks. They have amazing memories, can see in colour, and are great beauty sleepers, experiencing REM sleep, which means they have dreams, just like us!