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  • Dressing Up Your ‘Do pt 1

    Did you know that in the early 18th century hair bows were worn by both men and women? Hairstyles back then could be extremely elaborate and the French in particular were very fond of towering hairstyles. These hairdos aren’t elaborate, but they’re memorable nonetheless.

  • Shagadelic

    These shaggy beauties are Highland Cattle. Highland cattle are a docile Scottish breed that have long horns and long wavy coats. Their unusual double-coat of hair is the longest of any cattle breed, and makes them perfectly suited to the Highlands.

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  • Going to the Vet

    How much do you hate going to the Doctor or Dentist? Now imagine that someone else is actually taking you against your will! Well, that’s what it’s like for our beloved ‘fur babies’. The following are some amusing pictures of some seriously unimpressed pets…give them a treat when they get home!

  • Sometimes Fur Isn’t Enough

    Our beloved feline companions may be covered in fur, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t get chilly, or that they sometimes like that extra little bit of comfort that being warm and toasty provides. These gorgeous kitties have all found themselves a means of getting just that little bit more cosy.

  • Sealing the Deal

    Seals and Sea Lions are both semi-aquatic mammals belonging to the group Pinnipeds, meaning “fin-footed”. The main difference between the two is that sea lions have little flaps over their ears, whereas “true” seals are truly earless.  “True” seals also have backward-pointing flippers which means they undulate along the ground, and fur seals and sea […]

  • The Fluff Factor

    Having a cat with a thick coat I can tell you what a pain in the butt all that fur is! Still, there is something utterly divine about fluffy critters, and if you haven’t experienced it, there is nothing quite like burying your face in a super soft mound of gloriously furry goodness and inhaling […]


    FUZZIGGLES are the fun, funky, furry creation of Kellie from Salem, Oregon, USA. Kellie has loved stuffed animals from an early age, and shortly after leaving college one day, whilst sorting through her fabrics, happened upon a scrap of faux fur. She mocked up a pattern for a guinea pig and a bunny, and started […]

  • The Maine Event

    Behold! The Maine Coon! The photographs of these incredible creatures come courtesy of Robert Sijka. Robert’s passion is photography, focusing particularly on cats, and he was initially inspired when his wife began to breed Maine Coons. I hope you get as much pleasure and joy from these as Robert does from his work.

  • Otter-ly Adorable pt 2

    How many critters have you seen that are as cute as this little guy? Not only are they highly intelligent, being one of the few animals that use tools, but there is evidence they have been around for more than 5 million years! They also have pockets under their arms, and love to make slides […]