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  • Lemme In, Lemme In, Lemme In! pt 1

    Getting locked out of the house can be an incredibly frustrating occurrence, especially if you’re wanting to be somewhere else. All of the following find themselves in just such situations, and having paws to operate our ‘human devices’ makes the experience somewhat more infuriating!

  • Teddy Bears

    A teddy bear is without a doubt one of the most popular first toys that a child receives, and they often remain with us throughout our lives as keepsakes of our childhood. Looking at these adorable baby bears I hope some of you recall fond memories of those carefree days with your favourite toy.

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  • Things Are Getting A Little Weird…

    Let’s be honest, we all like to “wig out” and act a little bit the fool sometimes, but what do we do when our pets go crazy? Have they truly “lost the plot”, or are they just having some fun like us? Whatever the case, it certainly makes for some interesting pictures, and is sure […]

  • Sadness

    Being sad or depressed is terrible and when our pets are feeling so inclined, and we have no way of determining why, well that seriously tugs at the heartstrings. These poor little ones are all having bad days, but let’s hope it didn’t last long and they got the cuddle-time they deserved!

  • Animal Olympics

    The Rio 2016 Olympics have come and gone, but these critters missed out on displaying their amazing gymnastic skills.  Stretching, contorting, hanging, and balancing, they’ve got it all perfected and are showing their prowess just for you!