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    The Cutest Rodents Around

    Rodents have the unfortunate reputation of being dirty and ugly, and to a lot of people, terrifying!  The most well-known rodents include mice, rats, beavers, guinea pigs, hamsters, squirrels, prairie dogs, porcupines and capybaras, but with about 40% of all mammal species being rodents, their vast numbers are found on all continents barring Antarctica.  A […]

  • Just Call Me Spike!

    Hedgehogs have about 5000 spines, and each year they drop out and a replacement grows!  These cute critters actually got their names from their strange foraging habits – rooting through hedges for their favourite food with their pig-like snouts. If you want to encourage them into your garden, you can build them a home using […]

  • Everyone Needs a Cuddle-buddy

    Sometimes we all feel a little sensitive or vulnerable, and the best thing can often be to curl up with your favourite cuddle-buddy!  These cuties know that they’ve always got someone to turn to and enjoy some quality cuddling whenever the need arises.

  • Dr Suess Would Be Proud

    Some of us look great wearing hats! Some of us? Not so much! These cats prove that no matter what hat they are wearing, they will always look cute!