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  • Snow Stunners pt 1

    I can’t be alone in finding the snow leopard one of the most utterly captivating creatures alive… Everything about them, from their reclusivity, to their gigantic paws, mesmerising eyes, and super-fluffy tails makes them a cat of extraordinary beauty…and one that should be passionately protected.

  • Baby Rhinoceroseseses

    When one thinks of Rhinos, one wouldn’t necessarily think of something that is supercute and smile-inducing…but after looking at these rambunctious little baby rhinos, you’ll never think about them the same way again!

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  • Big Boned

    Dogs are pretty intense when it comes to their food, and there’s nothing most of them like more than a large juicy bone. These pups all seem to have overcompensated for their size and are making up for it with the largest bones they can find!

  • The Maine Event

    Behold! The Maine Coon! The photographs of these incredible creatures come courtesy of Robert Sijka. Robert’s passion is photography, focusing particularly on cats, and he was initially inspired when his wife began to breed Maine Coons. I hope you get as much pleasure and joy from these as Robert does from his work.

  • Gimo

    This is Gimo, the adorable cat with possibly the biggest eyes you have ever seen.  Gimo lives with his family in South Korea and is a scottish fold. Despite the fact that Gimo has thousands of Instagram followers, he is just your average cat…although may well be part-owl!