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  • Cats in Fur Hats

    Ryo Yamazaki is a cat-mad photographer from Tokyo, Japan, who has become an Instagram hit from making his beloved scottish-fold kitties hats from their own fur! After brushing, he collects their fur and sets to work on some of the most incredible hats you could ever imagine.

  • Schr√∂dinger’s Kitties

    Why do cats love boxes so much? Thankfully a study conducted by behavioural specialists and veterinarians can shed a little light on this enigma. Apparently the cats view the box as a source of comfort and it can help with their stress levels…so if you want a happy kitty be sure to scatter those empty […]

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  • Floral Fascinators

    Popular as they may have become, flower crowns are nothing new and have been around for centuries. These symbols of love, celebration, and fertility can easily be personalised to express your distinctive style, so why not adorn yourself just like these flourishing beasts?


    FUZZIGGLES are the fun, funky, furry creation of Kellie from Salem, Oregon, USA. Kellie has loved stuffed animals from an early age, and shortly after leaving college one day, whilst sorting through her fabrics, happened upon a scrap of faux fur. She mocked up a pattern for a guinea pig and a bunny, and started […]

  • Who’s Sleeping in MY Bed?

    I’m sure we are all fairly familiar with the tale of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” where Goldilocks entered the bears’ home and, after eating some of their porridge, falls asleep in one of their beds? Although these kitties haven’t been eating any porridge, they certainly seem to have taken the rest of the tale […]

  • Astute Kitties

    There’s something about glasses that gives the wearer a distinct air of being intelligent, whether this may be the case of not. Personally I think they look great on almost anyone (and am even guilty own owning a fake pair!). Here are some kitties that would look divine with or without their specs.

  • Blooming Beautiful

    Flower crowns all started with the Ancient Greeks and it was popular for them to be worn as a way to honour the gods. Today the crowns are worn as a symbol of love, fertility and celebration. These beautiful kitties certainly do the crown justice, and it only adds to their glorious charm.

  • Famous Kitties

    I’m fairly certain that almost all, if not all, of us are familiar with Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce), but there are quite a few other kitties out there that have made their name on the internet. Herewith probably the other “most famous” cats for your enjoyment.

  • Liquid Kitties

    I always knew that cats were super flexible and incredibly curious, but some of the situations these kitties get into seem to defy the laws of physics.¬† From squeezing into teeny boxes that are so obviously too small for them, to “pouring” themselves into vases and other containers, it would appear to be proven, once […]