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  • Kiss Me You Fool pt 1

    It’s a component of human nature that people are known to show affection and emotion by hugging, kissing, and making love…but what do animals do? Many animals will rub their noses together or entwine their bodies, but several are know to actually “kiss”, just like these beautiful examples.

  • A Case of Black & White

    Unlike Albinism, you may not have heard of Vitiligo, but the resulting effects from this condition can be truly striking indeed. Vitiligo is a skin pigmentation disorder characterised by the loss of colour on any part of the body. These animals truly exemplify how stunning being different can be!

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  • Snowy Splendour

    The Snowy Owl is a stunningly ghost-like raptor which spends the majority of it’s time in the Arctic tundra.  They are patient hunters, doing so mainly in the daytime, and their prey of choice is the lemming. 

  • A Collection of Cuteness

    Baby animals are unbelievably cute, so when they appear in groups, well you’ve no chance of resisting them whatsoever! Multiplying the love factor by having more than one adorable baby in each pic, please enjoy the following and allow your heart to by stolen away!

  • Sharing is Caring

    As children we are all taught the value of sharing and the relevance of it as we grow and mature. We learn that making friends is important and that thinking of others as well as yourself is far-reaching in its benefits. These animals all show how special those actions’ outcomes can be.

  • Tug-of-War

    Tug-of-war is a classic game that I am sure we have all played at one stage in our lives, but did you know it dates back around 4000yrs? It has been practiced both as a means to settle disputes, and also as a competition, having once been an Olympic event.

  • Happy Families

    Being happy is surely what everyone wants? And having a happy and content family that loves and cares for each other is the ultimate achievement. Being able to live happily together takes a lot of consideration and understanding, but these animals certainly seem to have things working perfectly.

  • Dropping Albums

    The music world is a ruthless business, and having a good cover design for your latest release can make or break your sales. These moguls are certainly doing their best to grab your attention and get in the spotlight, so here’s hoping the album launch was a resounding success…

  • Group Cuddles

    Everyone knows how nice it is to have a really good cuddle, but did you know just how incredibly good it is for you too? Aside from making you feel good by releasing oxytocin, it can relieve stress and depression, boost your immune system, and even relieve pain…so what are you waiting for?