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  • Best Pillows Ever pt 2

    Finding that sweet spot in your pillow is an awesome feeling when you’re trying to get comfy – suddenly all your thoughts drift away and sleep is near at hand! These adorable cuties seem to have it made with their pillows of choice and are well & truly in the land of nod. Zzzzz

  • What’ya Doing There?

    The saying “curiosity killed the cat” is a very well-known one, but cats certainly aren’t the only creatures in the animal kingdom to exhibit the trait.  Let’s admit it, life is interesting and some things just can’t help but be investigated further…

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  • Animals with Better Hair Than You!

    There’s a multitude of hairstyles out there to choose from, and these animals show us that they can partake too.  From afros to spikes, bobs to mullets, and comb overs to dreadlocks, a hairstyle is not always about how you look, but the way you wear it!