Tag: rare

  • Paradise Found

    The beauty and splendour of the Bird of Paradise can leave one almost lost for words.  The rarity of these beauties makes them extremely special, and it was only in 2003 that all 39 species were finally photographed and documented.  It took the gentlemen who finally completed the task a total of 8yrs, 18 expeditions […]

  • Natural Standouts

    Being different is a special and magnificent thing! Nature has found many ways to make many of us stand out from the rest, Albinism and Melanism being just such examples, and they just happen to two be examples of some truly unique and exceptional beauties!

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  • Unusual Animal Babies

    They may be unusual and somewhat strange looking, but that doesn’t make these animal babies any less cute!  From being hairless, to quills, scales, and fur, they’re all still incredibly squee and cuddle-worthy! Living proof that being different (and a little peculiar) is a glorious thing!