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  • Suiting Up pt 1

    Dressing up every now and then can be a great pleasure, and the epitome of style for a gent is donning the black and white suit that is the tuxedo. Originating around 1885, this super sharp-looking suit affords the wearer some serious style, and it’s no different when worn by these cuties.

  • Just a Bit Damp

    No-one likes to get caught in a downpour when we weren’t planning on getting wet. Your clothes stick to you and you undoubtedly start to shiver…it’s only a good thing if you’re in a monsoon climate! These poor animals have all got caught and look none too please about it either.

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  • Time for Some Bubbles

    Who remembers how much joy they used to have as a child blowing bubbles and playing with them? It was always a challenge to see how big you could make them, and these animals certainly seem to be getting the same enjoyment out of bubbles as we once did…the simple things are often all you […]

  • Generic Cuteness

    So I thought after the previous post it might be nice to just enjoy some generic cuteness…and nothing does that like a bunch of adorably small and irresistably cuddly little critters. Take some time out to just relax and enjoy these pics, and have some genuine “awwww” moments…

  • A Bird in the Hand (& a cat, & a chick, etc..)

    The adage “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” means that it’s better to have something tangible you are sure of than having more of something that you are unsure of.  I’m sure when it comes to the following cuties, we’d all be happy to accept any quantity on offer!

  • Any You Thought You Didn’t Like Rats?!

    Rats, they conjure up images of uncleanliness and are the stuff of nightmares for many people…but these rats, well they’re another thing entirely. Take one look at these gorgeous rodents and you’ll wonder how you could ever have thought rats were anything but cute.

  • Just Toying with You

    Growing up many of us would have had a treasured soft toy (or two), and some of us even maintain them well into adulthood! Having your very own cuddly companion can be a constant source of comfort and security, and these cuties are certainly making the most of their cuddle time.

  • Give Us a Wink!

    Winking. It’s something not all of us can do and yet the meaning behind it can be very wide-ranging. Winking can mean anything from being flirtatious or friendly, to being sinister or even depicting pain. Whatever way you choose to use your “wink”, just be sure you look as cute as these cuddly critters!

  • Dressing Up Your ‘Do pt 2

    Did you know that in the early 18th century hair bows were worn by both men and women? Hairstyles back then could be extremely elaborate and the French in particular were very fond of towering hairstyles. These hairdos aren’t elaborate, but they’re memorable nonetheless.