Tag: relaxing

  • Chill Out! pt 1

    When it comes to truly relaxing and splaying out, there are few that do it better than animals. For some reason they can be in the most uncomfortable-looking positions and still be completely and utterly chilled out. The following critters certainly set a good example for many of us to follow.

  • Elevated Stretching

    The discipline of Yoga has become increasingly popular over the past decade of so, and it’s little wonder with the hectic pace of today’s lifestyles. This physical, spiritual, and mental practice is a fantastic way to improve your well-being, and these cuties seem to recognise the benefits too.

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  • Biking It

    It’s important for everyone to keep fit and healthy, and that includes animals.  Despite any good intentions, most of these cuties seem to have missed the point and are taking the relaxing option rather than exert themselves with a nice bike ride!