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  • Frolicking Amongst the Flora pt 1

    Witnessing an entire field of nature’s floral splendour in all its glory is something very beautiful indeed! Having been lucky enough to see the magnificent South African fynbos in full bloom on multiple occasions, these animals in their blossoming settings couldn’t be any more blessed.

  • Desert Squeaking Frog

    This little guy is called a Desert Rain Frog. They’re found in South Africa and Namibia on sandy shores in between the sea and sand dunes. It’s nocturnal, meaning is sleeps during the day in burrows which it has dug to a depth of 10-20cm in moist sand. Unfortunately they’re listed as “vulnerable” due to […]

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  • The Runner Ducks of Vergenoegd Winery

    The Vergenoegd Wine Estate in Stellebosch, Cape Town, employs a unique way of controlling the snails and other pests on their vines.  The farm’s workforce of 700-800 Runner Ducks is released twice a day to enjoy this feast, and the farm has been utilising this practice since 1984. It’s a true example of a symbiotic […]