Tag: spaniel

  • Time for Some Bubbles

    Who remembers how much joy they used to have as a child blowing bubbles and playing with them? It was always a challenge to see how big you could make them, and these animals certainly seem to be getting the same enjoyment out of bubbles as we once did…the simple things are often all you […]

  • Take Me with You!

    Everyone likes to go away on holiday…but think about the ones who get left behind! Those adorable pets of ours know exactly what’s happening when we bring out the suitcases, and some of them do their very best to get taken with, or at least make it as difficult as possible for us to leave!

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  • Sadness

    Being sad or depressed is terrible and when our pets are feeling so inclined, and we have no way of determining why, well that seriously tugs at the heartstrings. These poor little ones are all having bad days, but let’s hope it didn’t last long and they got the cuddle-time they deserved!