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  • Turning The Tables

    Most of us who have pets enjoy taking photos of them, and there are many people who specialise in photographing pets and wildlife.  It would appear from the following images that given the opportunity, some animals don’t mind taking the occasional photo themselves!

  • Who Let You Near the Scissors?!

    We’ve all experienced that dreadful moment when we get home from the hairdresser’s, look in the mirror, and can’t believe the hairstyle we’ve walked out with!  What sorcery it is that makes us look fantastic in their mirrors but not our own?!  Regardless, these poor critters are sure to visit a different salon in the […]

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  • Just Call Me Spike!

    Hedgehogs have about 5000 spines, and each year they drop out and a replacement grows!  These cute critters actually got their names from their strange foraging habits – rooting through hedges for their favourite food with their pig-like snouts. If you want to encourage them into your garden, you can build them a home using […]