Tag: tabby

  • Motherly Moggies pt 1

    Mother cats and their kittens have extremely special relationships. Newborn kittens are blind, and completely reliant on their mothers to feed them, wash them, and clean up after them. These fluffy bundles of cuteness are just divine, and must surely make their mothers proud.

  • Winter Wonderland pt 2

    The whiteness of winter and the purity of snow is a truly beautiful thing to behold. The stunning creatures that live in this habitat tend to follow suit and are just as gorgeous themselves. Snow can also be playful and fun, so let the snowball fighting and snow angels begin!

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  • Not Quite Twinning

    Twins are an incredible occurrence and happen throughout the animal kingdom…these animals, however, are not quite there! They might look almost identical, if it weren’t for the fact they are not of the same species! That doesn’t stop them from trying, and looking incredibly cute whilst doing so.