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  • Making Love

    The symbol of a heart is a strong and powerful one, and something which we have come to associate with love. We all hope to find that one special ‘someone’ to fall in love with, but these gorgeous animals seem incredibly happy to create their own…

  • The Outline is Clear

    There’s something about seeing animals in silhouette that is truly beautiful. The stark contrast between light and dark outlines their figures and highlights the shape of their body, showing us in absolute clarity just how magnificent Mother Nature’s creations are.

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  • Turtles, Tortoises, Terrapins…Oh My!

    Ever been confused about the difference between these three? Well, the most commonly accepted way of distinguishing them is “turtles” are primarily aquatic living in or near water, “tortoises” are exclusively land-dwellers, and the term “terrapin” is largely reserved for semi-aquatic turtles which divide their time between water and land.

  • New Year’s Eve

    Most of us will have experienced the feeling of a shocking hangover at some stage in our lives, given that we’re legal, and I think we’d all agree it’s a place we’d rather not revisit! These poor animals look like they celebrated far too well the night before, so here’s hoping you take it easy […]

  • Bathtime!

    Hands up who enjoys a good long soak in the tub? The bubbles, the warm water, perhaps some candles and aromatherapy oils? Sounds like a fabulous evening to me! These gorgeous animals all seem to really enjoy a bath too and are relishing every moment.

  • Looking a Little Loopy

    Those of us who have the pleasure of owning a cat (or cats) know that they can sometimes flip a switch and transform into “crazy mode”!  Zooming around the house, attacking one’s tail, or just going nuts with toys, their antics are guaranteed to always produce a smile or chuckle!

  • Being Sporty

    Keeping active is vital for good health, and these critters didn’t see any reason they should be missing out on participating in their chosen activity. From taking part in group sports like baseball or soccer, to the individual pursuits of weightlifting and skateboarding, these cuties all seem to be having a ball(!).